All-in-one website platform

Imagine a world where you collaborate with a designer to create and enhance your custom made website over time. Our tools will let you understand your visitors and convert them to customers. No more hassle with different apps

A beautifully custom made website

Design is not only how something looks. It is the whole experience with your brand.

We strongly believe that you need to look good to make a stunning first impression. And that you need to enhance your design over time. We have the tools to tell your story and build trust. This is the Snowfire way to convert visitors into customers.

Engage your visitors

Your website has engaged the visitor, now it is time to convert them to leads. We give you four ways to do this:

  • Create a contact form to make it simple for potential customers to get in touch.
  • Pitch your great email newsletter which gives all subscribers tips and interesting content for free.
  • Get a free quote form - everyone wants a personal response on your product or service
  • Provide a free e-book / pdf with your knowledge about the industry

Nurture and inspire your leads and customers

Now it is all up to you to activate your lead. We collect email and phone numbers in your growing database.

Create smart filters and send email campaigns to different segements of your database.

Start an email series and send an email exactly one day after an e-book download. Send the next message two days later. Transactional emails have 8x higher open rate than traditional email campaigns.

Open an Online Store

We believe your store is only a part of your website. To build trust and convince potential customers you need more than a store. You need to tell your story on a website, combine it with a blog/news feed and make it simple for your customers to reach you.

Then get started by selling products, services or courses. Accept payments, add shipping, collect customer information and save everything to your people database.

Organise Events

Fill an arena with thousands of people, or invite your customers to a breakfast seminar. We give you the tools, and you'll focus on the content.

Sell tickets, collect food preferences, send QR-codes to check people in, offer early bird discounts and summarize everything in a guest list. Accept card and invoice payments. Automatically integrated with your bookkeeping software.

Build your own community

Make it possible for visitors to sign in to access members only pages. It's up to you to choose if anyone might register with their email or Facebook login or if only invites people have access. Everything is collected in your people database.

Your own subscription service, just like Netflix

Charge your customer on a monthly or yearly basis. A customer signs up trough your website, enters their card details and we take care of the recurring billing automatically. 

  • Customer self service when they need a receipt or to change their card
  • Offer different subscription plans
  • Discount engine
  • Free trial period
  • Webhook API to let an app know when a new user registers or renews their subscription.

Lets get started

Use one tool, or combine them all into the ultimate customer machine for your business. Start by describing your project and then lets discuss from there.