Create a website with the help of an Agency

A tailor-made website

The agency chose to create new content blocks and formats tailored to Svea Window’s needs. At Snowfire there are no restrictions. This creates latitude for the designer to refine strategic needs. Using the Snowfire platform, Eric can now easily create new pages, and add content and video, all of it shaped around the company's profile.

Training and launch

The advertising agency handled all the practical aspects of migrating the domain that Svea Window owned from previously. John then received training over the phone about how to make blog posts, write newsletters, post summaries and statistics, and what to keep in mind. Svea Windows’ agency is included as a resource on the company’s Snowfire page. Now it is even easier for the marketing group to engage with its clients online.

Benefit from our experience

Members of the community hold targeted training sessions and give seminars throughout Sweden. Are you a design pro? Join as a partner and hold a seminar in your country. We share what we know. Don't forget to check out our morning breakfasts (currently only in Sweden) or our online webinars.