Create a website with Snowfire

Choose a theme

Snowfire has ready-made themes created by award-winning designers that Lena could choose from. Lena customised the theme to Ramn Events’ form and profile with a logo, attractive fonts and colours.

Convert visitors into customers

Snowfire is a veritable customer magnet with tools well suited for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business online. Lena is able to secure more repeat business with targeted contact forms and follow-up newsletters that she creates herself.

It's a cinch to bring in traffic from social media (Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest, etc.), send out newsletters, create a blog or start an online store.

Help is always at hand

Running an event agency often involves short lead times and split-second decisions. An agile help function is important to Lena. The  Snowfire community has web expertise she can draw on when she needs it. It comprises designers, media strategists, photographers, graphic designers, and Google experts who collaborate with her to sharpen her online offering.