The Art of smartphone filmmaking

Imran Azam
18 May 2016


Heres a question for you; are you a storyteller? 

Well in this video Imran Azam argues that whatever your background or profession we are all storytellers; we all wish to communicate and connect in order to share ideas and open up new opportunities.

Storytelling is about communication and communication is about connecting…and when you connect you become more productive. But how can you best achieve this?

Online Video: The King of Content
By 2017 70% of online traffic will be in the form of video and is already the most popular way of communicating online. SUp until a few years ago video production was the mainstay of professionals with specialist equipment but as Imran demonstrates this is no longer the case; if you own a smartphone then you already have access to a fully fledged film production studio ready to deliver broadcast quality creative and compelling video on tap.

In this blog post Imran demonstrates the incredible filmmaking capability and versatility of the humble smartphone and challenges you to make your own.

About: Imran Azam

Based in Manchester Imran is the founder of creative social video agency Imran also runs ‘The Art of Smartphone Filmmaking’ monthly Meetup where bloggers, brands, agencies, filmmakers and journalists come together to learn how to produce broadcast quality films produced, edited and published solely on a smartphone.