Design mentoring "From an idea to a tech start-up in 15 days"

Ditte Hammarström
27 July 2017

The "Doer week"

Snowfire team worked as design mentors for students at EIA, The world's largest Extreme Accelerator for digital innovation in Turin, Italy. From an idea to a tech start-up in 15 days. 70+ nationalities. 600+ participants, mentors, and speakers.

View the images from "The doer week" when the teams build and launch their product. At their service, they have skilled IT, Design and Marketing mentors to ask.

Ravi Belani

"The caliber of the teams is super impressive - the people that are here and the potential of all the students. I get more impressed each year with the level of companies that are coming out."

Ravi Belani, Alchemist Accelerator & Stanford University

Ditte Hammarström has a background as an art director at advertising agencies both in Sweden and UK. She is passionate about user-driven design and to help entrepreneurs succeed online. Ditte is one of the founders of Snowfire design community, where agencies and developers collaborate on the Snowfire platform to help businesses grow.