7 cities in 5 days

30 April 2015

This was the 10th roadshow, where Swedish Jobs and Society Foundation packs an entire bus full of “ professional helpers” from Swedish public authorities and select companies with a focus on “increasing entrepreneurship in Sweden” and go on a roadshow around Sweden an entire week in April all around the country. The show is becoming more and more famous every year. The gang was on the road and spread information, knowledge and inspiration for a sustainable business and helped entrepreneurs all around Sweden. This year the tour visited the following cities: Halmstad, Göteborg, Borås, Skövde, Karlstad, Örebro, Linköping

We in Snowfire Design Community are grateful for being part of this joint venture.  In every city our local Agencies met up and helped Entrepreneurs to a better strategy on how to scale faster. There is no secret..our extraordinary talented Agencies make every business more beautiful and that make a huge difference for a company that wants to grow and become more active online, with with e-shop, booking and more. If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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