Snowfire Design Community
Snowfire Design Community

The Snowfire platform was launched in 2012, but the company's history began a few years prior to that when two of its founders, Emil Sundberg and Ditte Hammarströmmet at a design seminar where Ditte was giving a presentation. A vision of what they wanted to build took shape:

Everyone who runs a company should be able to manage their own business hub (web pages) online in real time. It is up to designers, web developers, SEO and social media experts like us who provide services to entrepreneurs to collaborate so that all entrepreneurs, irrespective of age and technical expertise, are able to interact with customers and establish long-term relationships with them online in a completely visual fashion.

Think of your website as a racing car that you as an entrepreneur can just jump into and drive. At Snowfire, we are always in the pit tuning your car. You can drive the car on your own, but if you drive it with the help of a design agency, you will always have a co-driver at your side. Together, we make sure that you win your own race.


Today Snowfire’s network includes web designers all over the globe, with more and more advertising, web and media agencies choosing to join us. In the community you will meet web experts, designers and others with extensive experience who can help you with everything from creating a logo or company profile to providing you with direction and formulating media strategies. All of us collaborate on Snowfire’s technology platform. The platform is a permissive environment that gives users 100% visual control over their websites. There is always someone to ask for advice when you use Snowfire.

Our focus is on helping companies with an established policy of wanting to grow their business online. They can be anything from startups looking for quick results (even Ikea started small), but our services are usually used to improve order flow at somewhat larger companies. The customer flow really starts to pick up when they simplify their web presence and switch over to Snowfire. 17% of the entrepreneurs who use Snowfire visit the site every day to make edits, blog, send out newsletters, etc. – something Google likes.